Hello world!

Hello- I am a researcher exploring how people in long term couple relationships understand the concept of consent and this is my first blog- an attempt to learn some new skills through the 23 Things RDP course at Surrey. Social media is not my strong point, I have had sessions with facebook & twitter but they didn’t last very long. One or two Things a week sounded reasonable, hope I keep up! Not sure whats going to come up over the course but I am sure it will be good for me. If I am more able to share some of the fantastic things my research on long term couples and consent produces and make connections with other researcher that will be great.The research uses qualitative methods; individual interviews and focus groups, with people who are currently in long term couple relationships with all gender and sexual identities. At the moment I am half way through the fieldwork and the data from participants thus far is so rich and thought provoking, every group and interview is different, and I will have heard such a range of experiences by the end that the thesis word limit is going to be an issue.